Art at the Messeturm

Since autumn 2021, the lobby of the Messeturm has played host to an ever-changing exhibition, featuring the work of local Basel artists. Great views are no longer reserved for the upper floors of Switzerland's third-highest building - now you can find them on the ground floor too! On the one hand, the space serves as a reception for office tenants and guests of the Hyperion Hotel. But it is also open to the public as a bar - and now as a cultural meeting place in Basel, the art capital of Switzerland.

The first edition of "Art at the Messeturm" opens this year during Art Basel on the 22nd of September. Nora Vest, Maria Martin and Maritta Winter will kick off the new exhibition series. The three artists, all of whom work in Basel or the surrounding area, are members of the SGBK Basel, the professional association of female visual artists.

Maritta Winter

Soft yet powerful
While areas of colour balance each other on the canvas, in her sculptures, Maritta Winter creates a harmony of volumes. She works abstractly and draws her inspiration from the forms and principles of nature. Winter also allows her passion for dance to flow into her works: making momentum, dynamism and vitality visible, especially in the large formats, which are often to be found in public squares or buildings. The sculpture Douceur, which was exhibited at the 2019 Venice Art Biennale, is a great example, as is the sculpture Skydream, which stands in Zurich's Prime Tower.

Nora Vest

Spaces for joy
Die Fineart-Prints von Nora Vest öffnen lichterfüllte Räume, in denen sich verschiedene Perspektiven überlagern. Die im The fine art prints by Nora Vest open up light-filled spaces in which different perspectives overlap. The series exhibited at the Hyperion is based on her own photographs and shows architecture, façades and reflections in bright, luminous colours. As a former architect, Vest is interested in integrating art into unfamiliar environments, be that in a mountain landscape, on Lake Zurich or on the street. In addition to paintings, sculptures and installations, she also designs textiles.

Maria Martin

Making colours sing
The exhibition, which is currently particularly colour-intensive, covers both the walls and the space of the lobby: Maria Martin's expressive painting and colour sounds speak to visitors on an intuitive level. Her visual compositions are not based on concepts, but arise from continuous attention to the process of painting as well as to the inner landscape. For this reason, Martin, who trained for many years in oil painting, now also works with the faster-drying acrylic paint in order to be able to set down impulses as spontaneously as possible. The focus is on the expression of experiences, feelings and thoughts.