Foiling of the Messeturm

The repositioning of the Messeturm has taken on an important role in the portfolio of Swiss Prime Site Immobilien over the past two years. The foundation for the comprehensive refurbishment is the topic of sustainability. This includes the installation of various materials according to the "Cradle-to-Cradle" Principle and the use of air-purifying wall paints. The energy demand of the Messeturm is also to be reduced sustainably. To this end, many of the building's technical systems have already been replaced. Now a special foil coating on the façade is to round off the concept.

A special protective film on the glass façade is to reduce solar radiation and the associated heating of the interior rooms. This innovative solution is intended to create a more pleasant indoor climate, especially in the warm months. This reduces the energy required to cool the premises and minimises the use of resources.

The tower will be wrapped using a mast climbing platform, which will ensure that tenants have a view of Basel even during the construction phase. This also allows the technical experts to carry out their work more efficiently.

With this project, Swiss Prime Site Immobilien is demonstrating its innovative strength in the area of sustainability, particularly on this scale, and is coming one step closer to its net-zero target for 2040.